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Elon Musk- Apple has threatened to withhold Twitter from App store

Elon Musk asserts that Apple has taken steps to “hold back” Twitter from the iOS Application Store for obscure reasons. The news follows a tweet where Musk said Apple had “for the most part quit publicizing” on the stage and a survey finding out if Apple ought to “distribute all oversight activities it has taken that influence its clients.” Apple didn’t promptly remark on Musk’s case.

Twitter has long tried the limits of Apple’s Application Store control — which has effectively pushed Disagreement, Tumblr, and different administrations to either conceal possibly hostile substance (regularly grown-up happy) or boycott it by and large.

The news follows substantially more unpretentious indications of mounting pressure among Apple and Musk-claimed Twitter. Musk has censured Apple’s Application Store charge for in-application buys, naming it a “stowed away 30% duty” on the web.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

It’s simple to see the allure of collapsing telephones — they are big screen gadgets that get more modest to fit in your pocket. It’s likewise simple to see the downsides; however much Samsung attempts to conceal it with exchange advancements, there’s no denying the System Z Overlap 4’s $1,800 sticker price is excessively steep for by far most of individuals. The subject of sturdiness is likewise difficult to overlook — it doesn’t take a lot looking to find stories of haphazardly broken Crease screens.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, $1800 – 25% off | $1350

It’s a Phone

The main use case for an Overlap 4 is the clearest one — it is an undeniable top of the line cell phone. It settles on decisions, it sends messages, it takes pictures, it runs applications, it messes around, it interfaces with rapid cell organizations — fundamentally, anything you utilize a cell phone for, the Crease 4 makes it happen.

It’s a Tablet

Here’s where the Overlay 4 begins to leave the remainder of the cell phone field: you can open it up and you have an almost eight-inch corner to corner, practically a square tablet screen to work with. Contrasted with Samsung’s other enormous telephone, the 6.8-inch S22 Ultra, the Overlap 4’s internal screen covers 28.42 square crawls of region, versus the Ultra’s 17.98 square inches.

Contrasted with the confined split-screen you get on a section telephone, two applications can be shown next to each other simultaneously on the Overlap 4 without having to continually switch between them for performing multiple tasks. Rather than restricting yourself to brief video cuts on TikTok, you can serenely observe long-structure video content either on YouTube or the web-based feature of your decision, supported by the Crease 4’s best-in-cell phone class speakers.

It’s a Notepad

On account of that enormous inward presentation and backing for Samsung’s S Pen pointer, the Overlap 4 is a brilliant gadget for taking transcribed notes, which are then matched up to the cloud and accessible. You can likewise increase screen shots or simply doodle and create work of art that you can then effectively send anyplace. It’s staggeringly helpful to have a computerized note-taking framework in your pocket.

It’s a Computer

Maybe the most astounding thing about the Overlay 4 is that it can trade a PC for a ton of errands. Furthermore, I don’t mean you simply do those things on the Overlap’s screen, I mean you plug it into a work area screen and match a remote console to it and use it like a genuine PC.

Elon Musk- Twitter will manually authenticate Gold,Grey & blue accounts

Elon Musk says that Twitter’s mark program could return on Friday, December second, with another method to confirm individual personalities to determine pantomime issues.Verified check marks will also be expanded with additional colors — gold for companies, grey for the government, and the original blue for individual accounts.

All verified individual humans will have [the] same blue check, as boundary of what constitutes ‘notable’ is otherwise too subjective,” Musk said in a tweet. “Individuals can have [a] secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org.”Individuals can have [a] secondary tiny logo showing they belong to an org if verified as such by that org.

Black friday deals under $25

Amazon’s new fifth-gen Echo Dot smart speaker is discounted to $24.99 ($25 off).It has another processor and more bass than past variants, and it serves as an Eero Wi-Fi extender. It’s likewise accessible with a free A19, 1,100-lumen Philips Tint savvy bulb for the equivalent $24.99 (about $41 off).

Amazon Echo Dot (fifth-gen), $50 – 50% off | $25

The fifth-gen Reverberation Speck promotes a temperature sensor, better sound, and quicker reaction time than the earlier model. It can likewise go about as an extender for your Eero Wi-Fi framework.

third-gen Echo Dot with six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for $14.99 ($85 off) at Amazon. While this more established Spot’s sound quality is not even close to the fresher circle molded models, the puck-like speaker sounds adequately good and can be utilized to perform different Alexa-empowered undertakings.

Echo Dot (third-gen) with six months of Amazon Music Unlimited, $100 – 85% off | $15

This puck-like Echo Dot is the third generation of Amazon’s smart speaker.

The minuscule and beautiful second-gen Home Smaller than normal.Nest Mini smart speaker is just $18 ($31 off) at Walmart. It’s priced slightly higher at $19.99 from Best BuyTarget, and Google.

Google Nest Mini (second-gen), $49 – 63% off | $18

The Nest Mini is Google’s smallest smart speaker, and it can bring Google Assistant to almost any area of your home. 

Tesla- Complete Self driving beta version available to North America

Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” Beta, which has been progressively carrying out over the recent years, is currently accessible to anybody who’s paid for the component in North America, Chief Elon Musk has declared. “Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is currently accessible to anybody in North America who demands it from the vehicle screen,” Musk tweeted, “accepting you have purchased this choice.”

The rollout of the beta programming started off in 2020 with few clients and has since slowly extended to be accessible to around 160,000 drivers as of October this year.

There have been reports that these prerequisites have been released for drivers, with Teslerati detailing that Tesla proprietors have had the option to get to the “full self-driving” beta without hitting specific necessities.

However some still follow-up with concerns regarding the breaking system. And feel illegal testing the beta version in the open.

One Plus Nord N300 5G

N300 5G is OnePlus’ latest budget phone, and it takes the company’s signature fast charging to a lower price bracket than ever before. For now, it’s only available through T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile. It’s listed for $228 full price at T-Mobile, but it’s also prominently featured as one of the carrier’s “free” phones with two years of service.


Fast Charging


Good battery life


Low processing performance

only 64GB built-in storage

Poor resolution display(13GB used by built-in files)

The N300 is a T-Mobile exclusive at press time, and it supports the right 5G bands to access the company’s very good mid-band ultra capacity 5G network. There’s no mmWave 5G support, but that’s no great loss — it’s highly range-limited, and T-Mobile doesn’t offer a whole lot of it anyway.

The N300’s battery isn’t just quick to charge — it’s also a huge 5,000mAh cell that provides enough power for just about anyone to get through a full day of use.

Apple black friday deals – AirPods

The AirPods’ small size makes them a great stocking stuffer, even though they’re a bit on the pricey side for a stocking (unless your family puts way cooler stuff into theirs than mine did). The brand-new, second-gen AirPods Pro with noise cancellation have received a $50 discount, bringing them down to $199.99 at multiple retailers. If you don’t want to spend that much, the third-gen AirPods are discounted to $139.99, which is $30 off. That model lacks noise cancellation and silicone ear tips, but is otherwise similar to the Pros in design.

Apple AirPods Pro (second-gen), $249 – 20% off | $200
AirPods (second-gen) with Lightning Charging Case, $129 – 29% off | $79

The AirPods are Apple’s second generation of true wireless earbuds and the cheapest model in the AirPods lineup.

Apple AirPods Max, $549 – 18% off | $449

Apple’s AirPods Max feature exemplary build quality, sound phenomenal, and keep up with the best at noise cancellation.

Apple black friday deals- iPad

The base iPad from 2021 with a Lightning connector is a good value for $269.99. The $100 discount that brings the 2021 iPad Mini with a USB-C connector down to $399.99 is good, too, even though that deal isn’t new. If you’re looking for a high-end option, the 2021 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the M1 processor and Mini LED screen has never been cheaper than it is now, costing $899.99 for the 256GB version.

2021 iPad (Wi-Fi, 64GB), $329 – 21% off | $260

Apple’s latest entry-level iPad represents a slight update, with a new A13 Bionic chip and a 12MP front camera that supports Apple’s Center Stage feature.

2021 iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB), $499 – 20% off | $400

Apple’s revamped iPad Mini ditches the home button and opts for a larger edge-to-edge display. It also comes outfitted with a faster processor, support for USB-C, and a top-mounted power button that moonlights as a Touch ID sensor.

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021, Wi-Fi), $1200 – 25% off | $900

Apple’s latest iPad Pro comes with the company’s own M1 processor and Thunderbolt. However, the 12.9-inch model also touts the best display of any tablet available.

Amazon Black Friday deals – Headphones & Earbuds

The Sony WH-1000XM5, are currently on sale for $348 at Amazon instead of their usual $398. The XM5s aren’t a drastic departure from Sony’s older cancelling headphones but offer a slimmer design, better sound quality, and improved voice call quality.

Sony WH-1000XM5, $398 – 13% off | $348

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony’s WF-1000XM4 are currently on sale at Amazon for $178, which is about $100 off their regular price. The XM4s are our top pick for cancelling earbuds, offering excellent sound quality, great battery life, and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity.

Sony WF-1000XM4, $278 – 36% off | $178

Sony’s WF-1000XM4 have probably the best commotion wiping out of any obvious remote headphones, and the sound quality is top notch. The mini headphones can likewise now be charged remotely and have another plan that is more modest and evaluated IPX4.

Beats Fit Pro

Normally $199.99, the Beats Fit Pro are currently discounted to $179.99 at Amazon. The comfortable cancelling earbuds offer excellent battery life, and while their lack of wireless charging is a bummer, they remain a great choice for Apple users thanks to features like dynamic head tracking for spatial audio and their ability to automatically switch between Apple devices.

Beats Fit Pro, $200 – 10% off | $180

Beats Studio Buds

you can also find the Beats Studio Buds on sale for $99.99 at Amazon (normally $149.99). They don’t support wireless charging or have the same Apple-centric features included with other Beats models, but they’re a comfy pair of earbuds that offer a surprisingly good audio profile at a more accessible price point.

Beats Studio Buds, $150 – 33% off | $100

The Studio Buds highlight support for iOS and Android, as well as clamor dropping, a comfortable fit, and great sound quality at the cost.